The Importance of Know-How





The Willy application was developed based on the experience in campaign management of our reworks department, which has repaired more than 150.000 points in vehicles during the last 10 years. The application aims to manage the information in real time about any number of employees and any number of different operations intended to be performed on the manufactured vehicles.

Supported by Android and 3G communication, Willy allows any employee who has a Smartphone to receive the work route which has to be performed and the sequence of operations, wherever his location.

The application features a downloadable APP for our customers, through which they are able to monitor the evolution of all the activities we are carrying out in their name in real time.

This technological application has allowed Ford in 2013 to reduce by 30% the cost of running campaigns for vehicles.


The continuous evolution of the KH group has provided the development of new production systems in order to reduce the operations without added value, and to ensure a robust system of control processes.

In 2014, KH launched its innovative voice-activated manufacturing system. This system allows both process sheets and plans for quality control or maintenance to be received by the operators through an “interactive” virtual system of voice synthesis, connected to a central server which transmits a detailed description of all processes and checks to be developed in their job, ensuring the quality and standardization of products, to the operators.


The advantages of the system range from the flexibility which permits the absence of wires and sensors in all production lines, to the reliability of the knowledge that all instructions or process changes are immediately implemented in all posts as soon as they are designed, and also include the comprehensive control we have over productivity and quality, keeping record of all performed actions by computer.

Wire Patent

In 2010, KH developed a new way to manufacture complex 3D rods, eliminating welding points and tooling costs.

This improvement positively affected the environment by eliminating the welding processes.

Parts with H-shaped geometry, formed by overlapping 3 rods and the subsequent welding process were replaced in every single Ford Europe vehicle by a piece made ​​by CNC technology in one single step.

In addition to the advantage for the environment and the improvement in versatility, the patent effectively reduced the cost of these parts by 50%. This improvement affected 65% of the total European production of Ford vehicles.



During 2014 KH is developing a new corporate system for measuring and controlling all departments and activities of the company. This is intended to streamline the daily decision-making.

The aim of this technology is to elevate the company’s agility and flexibility, thus increasing efficiency.

It is a tool developed exclusively for KH, which will promote the corporatism of data collection and the creation of reports for decision-making in real time. It will use Android technology in order to communicate bilaterally with all users, even if they are on the factory floor.


Automatic Sequencing System

In January 2014, KH implemented an ingenious automatic system to eliminate all operations that offered the lowest added value from the sequencing processes, such as the distance travelled by workers to collect the parts which need to be sequenced/ assembled.

Specifically, the company designed a mobile gantry around the line, which, connected to the sequencing system, allows obtaining the optimal route to follow and guides the operator to the positions where he must retrieve the pieces that need to be sequenced. Thereafter, the chart is able to order the parts within the sequence shelf by itself.

This operation minimizes the workers’ circulation in the company and increases the workers’ ergonomics.

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