Metal frames

The continued investment in machinery and technology have made Kh a leading manufacturer of metal frames for seats, bending and welding over 12 million rods per year.
However the production of seat components is not the only application for the existing technologies in KH; the production of clips, springs, hooks and retainers are some of our other capabilities
In 2010 we designed and patented a new Component which resulted in a 50% reduction in production costs due to the elimination of welding points and tooling costs.
Currently our frames are assembled in all Ford cars manufactured in Europe.
Our capabilities vary from national and international market research, identifying products which may meet the needs of our clients, to purchase and supply these products according to the required frequency, up to the complete engineering and integral development of the concept.

Technical Foams

Kh processes and die-cuts over 50 million components. KH’s production system ensures that the die-cutters, laminators, and cutters are manufactured using the Kanban system, which enables our engineers to process any raw material into the component that the client requires, at a very competitive cost. Thanks to our engineers’ ability to adapt, we currently produce over 1000 highly technical requirement references.

Working mainly with Cellular Rubber, PUR Polyester/Polyethylene, PPI, EPP, Polypropylene, Cotton, Felts, Mats and Fabrics.

Designing innovative solutions for applications as diverse as: thermal and acoustic insulation, stiffeners, trims etc…

Module assembly and sequencing

Having available an innovative operating system for the assembly lines and voice sequencing which obtains a perfect synchronisation with the manufacturing processes, supplying on a daily basis and sequentially over 20,000 components from between glass, steering wheels, dashboards and electronic modules, managing over 500 component references.

The P2V system receives the sequence order of each vehicle to send the components to the assembly line, ensuring the assimilation of any operation, this system enables the traceability of processes and quality controls in real time, all our operational processes are based on the Link Manufacturing philosophy.

Applied engineering solutions

The excellence of our engineers and the innovative management procedures enable us to offer the best logistic re-engineering services and sector representation as is demonstrated in the latest launches made by Ford in Spain. Our resident engineers are entirely focused on reworks and the safety of the components which enter the assembly line faithfully captures the innovative spirit of KH.

KH develops its own technologies for the purposes of coordinating the activities of hundreds of employees ensuring the standardisation of operations and obtaining information as regards results in real time, through Smartphone, tablets and PC applications.

The professionalism and experience of our engineers has gained the utmost confidence of our clients, client satisfaction and loyalty is our best hallmark.

Our team applies simultaneous reengineering processes to solve design and quality problems in the production of any vehicle, with the ability to travel when and where so required by the Client.

Logistic services

LThe outsourcing of logistics services has grown significantly in recent years due to globalisation and the relocation of markets and manufacturers, as well as the flexibility required in order to maintain competitiveness.

Our clients outsource the following services, benefiting from indirect cost reduction and ensuring the success of these operations before the end client.

  • Storage, stock control and distribution.
  • Customs warehouse and customs clearance.
  • Sequencing, ECI, Kanban and supply line.
  • Transport to the address from the supplier to the client’s company.

Automotive components design

In 2012, KH’s technical department opened a new customer service area, dedicated to the international search of technical solutions for automobile applications that the client was unaware of.

Via this new section, KH is able to identify in the international market products which may meet the client’s requirements, and to purchase and supply same according to the required frequency.

This service includes needs analysis, market research, procurement management, project development, approval and supply to the client during the product’s life cycle, according to demand and required conditions

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